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HIPPA Compliant Authorizations

Entry of each request is filtered through our database of hospital departments and physicians. Information will provide our field rep with service days, times and contacts in each department.

As soon as the order has been entered into our system and served, we follow up with phone calls to schedule a copy appointment.

EVIDENCE CODE 1158, Patient/Subject Authorization should be compiled within five (5) days by the custodian.

Many hospitals and Kaiser facilities require more time in ordering the charts from their medical records department. As soon as charts are released to Medical Correspondance, we are then allowed to come in and copy files.

We will do everything we can to schedule a copy appointment as soon as the chart is available for copying.

• On/Off Site Photocopy
• Subpoena Preparation
• Document Archiving
• Document Enlargement
• X-Ray Duplication
• Service of Process

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